One Thing in a Neesh Day

Meet Neesh!

Today I would like to introduce you to Neesh!  She has had many adventures since her creation years ago.  She is an adventurer and dreamer.   Impetuous and fashionable.  She has unusually long legs and is resolute in her commitment to army boots!  She is dedicated to wearing Neesh by D.A.R. and quite frankly, can’t understand why others would not do the same??!!

Some would say she is a little eccentric, but you can decide for yourself………..

Others would call her a visionary. Sometimes from the trees she could hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Some might wonder how she managed to tame King Kong.

Or how she was able to paint an elephant in her spare time?

She has a way of getting around, even time-traveling.

She has been painted and hung in a gallery with other famous works of art.

She can be very gentle and kind.

And at the same time, she can shoot an arrow like the wind.

She defied gravity in space (even in her army boots).

Some might think she’s too impressionable (do YOU think she took it?)

And quite the French snob. No one seemed to notice that she liked to pose like a French Fashion model when in Paris.

But mostly………….she is a peace loving feminist who loves the statue of liberty, because she was BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.

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