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Curly Hair, Finally Embraced

Now I know that everyone wants what they don’t have.  And I have curly hair.  Somehow in my lifetime, curly hair has never been “the fashion”, and I spent more than half my life trying to figure out how to coax my hair into that beautiful sleek and straight look.

First there was Twiggy.

So I tried that. No high-powered blow dryers or flat irons. Just a big jar of Dippity-do, wrap it tight and hope for the best…and no humidity.

Didn’t quite make the look here.  (Especially since I was not willing to cut the hair around the ears.)
Then came Pattie Boyd.  She was amazing and she snagged George Harrison, which was beyond my wildest dreams.  Plus the whole Eric Clapton scandal! She was really something.

Here I am trying to rock that look. In uniform no less!

Then we made it into the 70’s and there was FARRAH!

Oh boy, did that take work.  To get those soft, loose layered waves was a multi-leveled process, ending with hot rollers, some spray and a toss of the head.  Yikes.

The 80’s were no picnic either.  Even though the hair was HUGE, and I mean BIG HAIR, it was still brushed full and straight-ish. (A-la-Morgan Fairchild.)

 Yes, I had the puffed bangs and the brushed out frizz.  Yes, it was the worst.

 Finally, the 90’s, and something happened about the time I turned 40.  Acceptance and appreciation!  I had curly hair, damn it!  And it was time to embrace the curl!

No more flat irons, hot rollers, Dippity-doo, ironing boards, tin can rollers and only going to dry, cool locations for fear of the wave and frizz.

All I needed was a good cut with lots of layers and some product and away I went! Never to return to the battle of the curl. What freedom, what joy, what a relief! So now, I am happy happy happy with my easy breezy curly hair.

 And as we all know, happy is pretty!

Want tips on how I get my curly girl look?  I’m happy to share. A curly girl always loves to talk shop.

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