One Thing in a Neesh Day

Jamie Got Married!!!

Good Day my Neeshies!

(Our Younger Days)

How did this happen?  It’s November!?  Just when I thought summer was beginning…the days are shorter, the nip is in the air and leaves are tumbling in a tapestry of color!
Oh my!

So, I wanted to share with you a very special and personal story and hope you will relate as I share some real feelings with you.

Jamie got married!  One of the happiest days of my life!

It is hard for me to put into words all the various emotions that I experienced watching my first born get married. 

No, she is not my biological daughter, and no her mom Fran is not my biological sister, but...Jamie is my daughter, and Fran is my sister.  You know what I mean? 

I think you do!


 She was the first born of all the young women in my life….and she was a pistol!  From the start, she was “the boss”. She had many “good ideas”, all of which I was invited to participate in.  When she made me watch Babar, and the mother died, I had to hide in the bathroom crying.  We made concoctions in the bathroom, we played “Ninja” and “Tophat Genie”. I saw her graduate from preschool, high school and college.  I saw her plays, her soccer games, her first prom! Even though she lives in New York and I live in Chicago, we spent a lot of time together.


And then something happened….she fell in love!  She went off to college and before I knew it, there he was!  She was not happy when he was not around.  Her dreams included him.  Her life included him.  Her future included him.

I wasn’t so sure how I felt about this “intruder” entering our lives and affecting her mood, her happiness, her very being!  How was I going to accept this?  Was my heart big enough to share her with someone else?   Would she forget all about us and spend time only with her new family?  I hope that some of you relate to all these rather selfish and fearful feelings.  But feelings are feelings…and there you have it, those were my feelings.


And then I met Zach.

His kind and gentle nature, his warmth, intellect, interests, and the way he looked at Jamie…Well, it did not take more than a minute for me to realize that I would love him too! My dreams and life and future were to include him too.  

And now they are married!  As she walked down the aisle with her parents, I felt that I might just bust out of my skin with thousands of feelings and memories that passed through me in a flash.


It was August in NYC, the venue was intimate and filled with excitement and surrounded by love, we celebrated with abandon! And danced till we dropped!


And so my Jamie, my first born, has found her soul mate, her partner in life....a joyous addition to the family!  A day I will never forget, a feeling I will hold on to the rest of my life.  What a happy memory, what a wonderful day, what a wonderful life.

And now, may I present to you………Jamie and Zach!