One Thing in a Neesh Day

Nice to meet you!

Hi. So, I’d like to introduce myself . My name is Denise Allen Robinson, but most people know me as Neesh. I have a small company and make very special clothes for “Grown-Up-Girls”. My label is Neesh by D.A.R. and we are located in a beautiful building on the Ravenswood Corridor in Chicago.

Neesh is a pretty special place. It is a place to watch lovely and talented women make beautiful clothing. It is a place with ribbons and buttons and fabrics and yarn, cutting tables and steam irons and sewing machines………..a kitchen with movie posters from all of Neesh’s favorite movies. Neesh is a lifestyle, that is clothing and more! It is an attitude of eclectic dress and spontaneity. It is the end result of thoughts and ideas that run amok with little attention to what, how, where, or when. It comes to being through a sort of organic development–a visual head collage held in the hard drive finding its way out and taking form…………….wow, that’s a bit deep, right?
So for our first get together, I thought I would share with you some of the images that are stored in this hard drive. Perhaps you would like to share an image or two with me? You can email to or post to your Instagram using the hashtag #picsforneesh.

Next time we meet, I will introduce you to Neesh the cartoon. She’s much more amusing than me, thus I decided to let you meet her later. Hard to compete with her. She’s a lot of fun!