Our Company

Since 2005, Neesh has operated out of a beautiful 14,000 square foot studio and warehouse in Chicago, where today many talented and hard working women are invested in creating a unique product of whimsy, comfort and style just for you. We are a Do-It-Yourself kind of group – we can be found crafting new marketing campaigns, selecting gorgeous French trims, and shipping boxes all in one day. We love our wacky workspace filled with vintage décor, creative employees and the occasional part-time canine coworker.

Neesh by D.A.R. has a general company philosophy of giving back. In addition to supporting local contractors, Neesh helps support the work of talented women in Peru who make our gorgeous sweaters, and through our partnership with the Merchant Giving Project. Through them, 10% of all our Credit Card processing income will go to the charity House of the Good Sheperd (a safe home and services for Chicago women and children facing domestic abuse). This means that every one of your Neesh sales will help a woman or child in need – thank you!

Neesh Kiss

Our website creates a world you want to live in through our active social media accounts, style tips, Denise’s blog posts and most of all, special clothing.